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Jim Corbett Safari Zones


The Jim Corbett national park is famous for the safaris in the wildlife. There are mainly four safari zones in the Jim Corbett national park. The Bijrani Safari Zone is one of the most famous day time safaris in India. This is safari zone which is in deep in the jungle and into the wild life. The best, and surely most famous, safari zone in the Jim Corbett national park is the Dhikala. This is a really beautiful spot where you can feel connected with the nature more than any other safari zone of the park. Another safari zone of the park, which is quite famous, is the Durgadevi which is the farthest one and you actually need permit to enter in this zone. There is another famous safari zone in Jim Corbett national park and that is the Jhirna safari zone. This safari zone is known for the natural beauty and calm atmosphere.  

There care many different kinds of safari options available in the Corbett national park. The most famous safaris are four wheeler safari, bus safari, elephant safari and horse safari. The day and night both times are great for safaris but you need special permit for the night safari.

Corbett Fall


The Corbett Fall is a great sight near the Corbett national park and this fall is not only beautiful but a very calm place where you can really enjoy a peaceful time. The Corbett Fall is falling from a really high place and the sound of the fall makes this place really attractive and mysterious. The clod and clear water of Corbett Fall is not the only thing that will mesmerize you but the path, which leads to the fall, is also something that you will never forget. This Corbett Fall has a great surrounded area for picnic and car parking for you.



Sitabani Jungle Ride


If you are a bird lover then the Sitabani Jungle Ride is the best sight for you near the Corbett national park. This great jungle is situated deep in the forest with a great variety of birds. The jungle is not only the home for birds but there are many other different animals like tiger, deer, snakes and many more. The ride through this jungle is an unforgettable experience that you will always cherish. The sound of the birds and the green tress is no less than a paradise for the wildlife lovers. The ashram near the jungle is also an attraction.


Garjiya Temple


The Garjiya Temple is situated less than 15 km away from the Ramnagar and you can visit this beautiful temple on your way to Haridwar. This is small but very peaceful temple which will surely attract the spiritual minded tourists. It is believed that the goddess Garjiya protect all of the people of this area from any kind of omen. This temple is created on a huge rock and the goddess is worshiped regularly. You can visit the Garjiya Temple anytime of the day but the evening time is the most beautiful hours for you to visit when it’s decorated with lights.  



Dhangadhi Museum


If you like museums then you will love the Dhangadhi Museum. This is located near the Corbett Park and there are a lot of things to see in this museum. There are many preserved bodies of different wildlife animals which are shaved specially in glass boxes and look really lifelike. The Dhangadhi Museum is a great experience for the children especially as they can enjoy the sight of preserved animals. You can take pictures in this Dhangadhi Museum without paying any extra charge than the Rs. 10 ticket. The wildlife species include many tigers too which are really well preserved for the visitors.



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